Immersive Designer Pro

Alongside Fly Elise’s Calibration and Warping Software, I ended up buying an Advanced License for their Immersive Designer Pro software. One of the reasons is because without a lot of trial and error, it could be hard to determine if the radius of my intended curved screen would be big enough. With projectors you could have the projector, projecting, onto the shell vs the screen if the angles aren’t right, etc. On top of that, you have warping, keystoning and other things to factor in. I didn’t want to just build a screen and hope for the best. So, I took a dozen measurements, from the shell, to the ceiling, to the size of the projector mounts. I then found a half completed shell 3D model and converted it to an STL file via Sketchup. I imported that into Microsoft 3D builder, and then added on a couple geometric shapes just to give it some more room for error. Saved that out and imported that as an object into IDP. I also added in the ceiling and projector mount objects. I measured these inside of IDP to ensure they were about right. From there, I added the projectors, told IDP they were the Optoma GT1080 Darbees and started fiddling with zoom etc. I finally analyzed it so it would put in the right warp/blending and, voila! Looks like my screen size will work!