Simulator Hardware & Software

What Hardware Is The Sim Made From?


Simulator Parts

Base: Custom Built 8’x8′ with Locking Casters
Nose/Shell: Flight Deck Solutions
Interior Liners: Flight Deck Solutions
MIP: Flight Deck Solutions
Glare: Flight Deck Solutions
EFIS/MCP: Flight Deck Solutions
CDU: Flight Deck Solutions
TQ: Revolution Sim Products (Out of Business)
Pedestal: Custom Built with OpenCockpit Radios
Overhead: Fly Engravity
Interface Cards: Flight Deck Solutions SYS Cards
Yoke: Ace 737 USB Yoke
Seats: Real 737 CA/FO Seats on SimUJab J-Rails
Projectors: 3 Optoma GT1080 Darbee Short Throw Projectors
Curved Screen: Custom Built 270 Degree Curved Screen, 120″ Diameter and 310″ Long.
Screen is made from 3 4×8 sheets of 1/8th MDF. Painted with white primer and then Ultra HD Premium Screen Paint
For All Build Info/Photos of the Screen click HERE


How Many Computers Does the Sim Run Off of and What Is Each PC’s Purpose?


1. Sim Computer – P3D / Projector / Visuals

CASE: Rosewill ATX Mid Tower
CPU: Intel i7-8700k
COOLER: Rosewill ROCC-16003
MOBO: Gigabyte Z380 Aorus Pro LGA 1151
SSD: Samsung 970 EVO M.2 2TB NVMe
RAM: G SKILL TridentZ Series 32GB DDR4
GPU: MSI Geforce RTX 2080 SUPER Gaming X Trio
PSU: Corsair RM750x 750W
P3D v4.5 by Lookeed Martin
Fly Elise Screen Warping Software
IOC Modules (Radios)
Sim Avionics SYSBoard Config
Sim Avionics Sound
Aivlasoft Electronic Flight Bag Server
Orbx Scenery
FSDreamTeam Airports
Ultimate Ground Crew X
FDS Sys1 for Overhead
FDS Sys3 for MIP
SimRevolution TQ (Company now out of business)
Opencockpit Radios, Fire Panel and Pedestal Equipment
Logitech Stereo Speakers + 10″ Subwoofer for External Engine/Wind Audio
FlightSounds FSX Dual GA Intercom for Radio Transmission Audio, Cockpit Audio, Pilot/CoPilot Intercom


2. MIP Displays Computer (PFD/ND/EICAS)

Older Dell Computer with early 2000’s Graphics Card
Sim Avionics PFD/ND/EICAS for Captain and First Officer2 19″ Decased Screens (PFD/ND, both sides)
1 15″ Decased Screen (EICAS/Standby Gauges)

3. CDU Computer

Older HP Computer
Sim Avionics CDU


4. SERVER Computer

Older Dell Computer
Sim Avionics Server
Sim Avionics Overhead
Sim Avionics MCP
Sim Avionics MFD
Thomas Richter Electronic Checklist
Wide Client
1 10″ Decased Screen (MFD)
Elgator Streamdeck Lite (Electronic Checklist Control)

5. Electronic Flight Bag Tablet
NuVision Windows 10 Tablet
Aivlasoft Electronic Flight Bag Client


6. Instructor Station / Video Recording

Microsoft Surface Book 2 (Tablet mode)
Luis Gordo’s iStation Instructor Station


What Software Do You Use?

P3D v4.5 by Lookeed Martin
Sim Avionics
Fly Elise Screen Warping Software
Global BASE Pack
Global Buildings HD
Global Trees HD
Global openLC North America
Regions: Southern California
Regions: Northern California
Cities: Orlando
Airports: KAVX Catalina Airport
Airports: KPSP Palm Springs International Airport
Airports: KSAN San Diego International Airport
Airports: KSBA Santa Barbara Municipal Airport
Airports: KTVL Lake Tahoe Airport
Airports: L05 Kern Valley Airport
Airports: L35 Big Bear City Airport
Airports: L70 Agua Dulce Airport
Other: Orbx Libraries, ObjectFlow, SimObjectDisplay Engine
FSDreamTeam KLAX
FSDreamTeam KLAS
ActiveSky for Prepar3D v4
Active Sky Cloud Art
Aivlasoft Electronic Flight Bag
Navigraph FMS Data and Charts

Ground Operations
Ultimate Ground Crew X



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