Luis Gordo’s iStation

After being away for so many years from the sim community, I am glad to see that Luis Gordo is still around and supporting his amazing iStation instructor station software! 10 years ago I ran this by way of an iPad that worked as a remote monitor (See video below) but after contacting Luis and getting an updated code, I now have it running on my Surface Book 2 in tablet mode! I plan to 3D print a mount for it to mount inside the cockpit, more on that later. But if you want to check out this amazing piece of software, just click HERE and head on over! I highly recommended it 10 years ago, and I do so today as well! 🙂


Here is the old video from 10 years ago. I am going to be working on a new one soon!


270 Degree Visuals Update

Made a LOT of progress with the visuals today! Color and Brightness is now correct! Still have some edge blending to do but it is looking AMAZING now! And this is without Active Sky or any addons!

Sim Software Update!

Ah yes, it is coming back to me! I bought Prepar3D v4.5 and will use that instead of FSX. Then I picked up PMDG 737NGXu. I am in the process of obtaining my ORBX scenery previously bought on the now out of business Flight Sim Store and in the mean time added their new stuff, base pack, vectors, socal/norcal scenery and some more airports. I updated FSUIPC to v5 and downloaded SimA again. May see if REX is still necessary or not. Once UPS finds my lost computer order, I’ll build the new sim pc and start getting computer IDs out to needed developers including Project Magenta incase I want to go back to it. The other two PCs are pretty much ready, may just need better GPUs.