Luis Gordo’s iStation

After being away for so many years from the sim community, I am glad to see that Luis Gordo is still around and supporting his amazing iStation instructor station software! 10 years ago I ran this by way of an iPad that worked as a remote monitor (See video below) but after contacting Luis and getting an updated code, I now have it running on my Surface Book 2 in tablet mode! I plan to 3D print a mount for it to mount inside the cockpit, more on that later. But if you want to check out this amazing piece of software, just click HERE and head on over! I highly recommended it 10 years ago, and I do so today as well! 🙂


Here is the old video from 10 years ago. I am going to be working on a new one soon!


Houston We Have Air Conditioning

The sim can get pretty hot inside, it’s an enclosed space surrounded by computers, monitors and electronics. So I put a portable air conditioning unit in and then used ducting to pipe it into a vent inside the aft cockpit compartment! The vent has louvers so you can angle it into the cockpit or straight down if it’s too much. This combined with the Captain and First Officer fans I put in will make it nice and comfy inside the sim! Thanks to Co-Pilot Coral for helping me with the install!

Sim Progress Update Video

Here is a progress update video on the simulator! ✈️